Tips to Open Your Own Bar/Club or Serve Alcohol at Your Restaurant

Opening a club or bar in Texas is a good idea. If there’s one thing folks in this state know how to do it’s cook BBQ and throw back a cold one or two. Put Texans together in a bar setting and the fun is in full swing. In fact, the Small Business Association reports that 75% of a menu’s sales comes from liquor, when it’s available. But, before alcohol can be served in your establishment, there are a few things that you must first do.

Obtain an Alcohol Permit

First things first. You’ll need to obtain a texas alcohol permit for your establishment if you plan to sell alcohol. There is a fee and a test required to earn this permit, which must be renewed every couple of years.

Find Wait Staff

Decide where you’ll serve alcohol in your establishment if it is only a partial bar/club. You’ll need to designate an area in such a case. Also important, find wait staff/servers to handle drink requests. They must also obtain an alcohol permit and be 21 years of age or older.

Choose a Menu

What beverages will you include on the alcohol menu? Most bars/clubs have a wide selection of drinks, but it’s up to you to decide the type, number, and offerings available. While choosing the menu, make sure that you choose the pricing for the beverages that you serve.

texas alcohol permit

The Bottom Line

There is great money and fun waiting for those who open their own bars or who choose to serve alcohol at their establishment. Keep the above tips in mind and you are ready to begin this new feat in your life and earn the profits that come along with it. Are you excited?