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The Thing About The Migraine

Fortunately, not everyone gets them. This has something to do with the human body’s genetic disposition. It is also linked to how the body and, in particular, the mind deals with physical and emotional stress. If dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety, for instance, one person may experience unpleasant physical symptoms in the stomach area, while another in the head. And indicative of this could be the dreaded migraine.

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Like many other related illnesses or diseases, there may be no known cure for the migraine. Fortunately, the occurrence thereof is rare. Diagnosing its presence is one thing and perhaps only a neurologist can be the better judge of that. The migraine sufferer can forget about over the counter painkillers because they rarely work. A specialist prescription might. But even so, it is still touchwood, and while pain relief might come, the painful symptoms may return unexpectedly.

Now, while there is no dramatic way to get rid of the migraine pain permanently, it can at least be managed. This requires interventions like the migraine treatment jacksonville fl crisis center for local sufferers. If pain cannot be stifled permanently, it can at least be managed. By the time the patient’s body and mind is well-adjusted to the prescribed treatment, it could be almost as though there is no pain at all.

But inevitably, the migraine is still there. It is just that the therapists have coached the patient accordingly. Many people subconsciously do not realize this, but the body and mind are resilient beasts. It is quite capable of withstanding any painful curveball thrown at it. And the crisis center teaches patients how to manage their lives without having to depend on drugs that do not always work and sometimes leave them with challenging side effects.