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Dealing With Tragedies

When a tragedy strikes it seems to come out of nowhere.  Everything will seem to be fine one moment and then an eerie feeling will come over us as if someone is trying to tell us something.  Then, just as the feeling lessens the phone rings.  On the other end, bad news.  This is why when tragedy strikes you need help.  Finding someone or a group to talk to can help with the healing process.  Looking for a community-based meeting for victims of drunk drivers seattle wa is a good place to start.


Acceptance is possibly the hardest part of any tragedy.  For a long time afterwards you will be asking yourself the question of “why?”  In the big scheme of things there is no set answer.  Many will say it was their time or something similar.  The road to acceptance is long and hard but eventually it will come.


Grief strikes us all.  Don’t be afraid to cry.  Letting out the tears is the body’s way of coping with the situation.  If we hold in the tears or suppress the emotions that we have we are preventing ourselves from moving on.  Allow grief to happen, and let others grieve in their own ways as well.


community-based meeting for victims of drunk drivers seattle wa

Talking about the issues you have, the feelings you feel and the questions you want answers to is normal.  Some people don’t want to talk whereas others can’t stop talking about it.  When talking about the situations respect others wishes as well as find groups and others who have gone through what you have.  Talking may not be enough, talking to those that can relate and be there and truly understand is where the process of healing will begin.

The future

The future may not look bright at the moment.  Just know it will get better if you let it.  It is a process give it time.